Saturday, June 18, 2011

Detail Shot Saturday: In a Pickle

Pickle Pin, Heritage Antiques ($3)
This is my new favorite tiny accessory! I wore it last Saturday, but you probably couldn't even see it! Luckily, I have my new camera with its super-close-up setting to capture this little guy in all its glory. :)

I had originally seen this pin on etsy, and it had been in my favorites for months. So when I spotted the same pin for less at my favorite local antique shop, I had to grab it! I love pickles, so this is the perfect touch of personality to any of my thrifty outfits. :) Happy Saturday, everyone!!!



  1. How adorable is that? I've never seen a pickle pin before- leave it to you to have one!!

  2. I'm from Pittsburgh, land of the Heinz pickle pin. They also make tiny ketchup bottle pins and if you ever lose it you can get a new one from the Heinz History Center's online store. :D