Thursday, February 27, 2014

Insta-Thursday: Rhinestones and Kitties and Bears, Oh My!

 Happy Thursday, folks! We made it this far through our week, so high fives all around! (Can you tell that it's been a rough couple of weeks for me? ;))

Anyway, here are some of my Instagram photos from the last two weeks, including a very fierce-looking bearskin rug we saw at Oldsmar Flea Market a couple weekends ago!

I had to take a picture of the pelican lamps, spotted at the Red Barn Flea Market, for my Grammy, who's a big pelican fan!
The awesome Ray Bans in the first photo I scored for $40 at Dillard's a couple weeks ago, and they have rarely left my face!

And the rhinestone-studded T belt buckle? Well, I passed that up at the motorcycle gear booth at Oldsmar. But it was pretty sweet!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I'm looking forward to the weekend, myself. :)


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thrifted Vintage: Jadeite Madness!

The past several weekends, I've been on a mad Jadeite search! We've been visiting all sorts of different flea markets, a vintage store, antique shops, and thrifts looking for some pretty mint-colored glass!

Above are some of the pieces of Jadeite I found at the beginning of this month. :) I love the pretty shoe, found at a little booth at the Oldsmar Flea Market a couple weekends ago. I also scored the Fire King book and mug there!

The huge Jadeite bowl I saw at YesterDaze Vintage store in Tampa, but I had to pass it up because it was $45! The store was definitely an awesome one, though, and when I have more money to burn, I will definitely be going back!

I'll be back tomorrow with some more Jadeite finds and other cool stuff. :)

Happy Wednesday, folks!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flea Market Find: A Big A

Vintage Plastic A: Wagon Wheel Flea Market ($4)

Hey everyone! I hope your week is going better than mine so far. I've felt sick all day today, and when I went to the clinic, I had a fever over 100. :( Boo. So hopefully I feel better tomorrow!

I thought I'd get a quick post in before I head to bed early tonight, and I really wanted to share one of my most favorite recent finds.

What I love about this 'A' is that it looks just like how I sign my 'A' in my name! And what's not to like about something this cool-looking for just four bucks?

Well, I'm off to bed. Here's to feeling better soon!


Monday, February 17, 2014


Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a great Monday- mine was crazy!

I thought I'd share some of the things that I've spotted recently at the local flea markets. :) We've been heading to different ones every weekend, and so far my favorite is the Oldsmar Flea Market.

Most of the random things above were spotted there, but the crazy vintage Armadillo purse was a Wagon Wheel Flea Market find. :) (Don't worry, I didn't buy it! But it was pretty neat!)

How is everyone doing? I know I haven't been posting like I used to, but I think I'll be starting to get in the groove again soon. :)

You can always follow me on my very-active Instagram account @AisAlreadyLoved :)


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Insta-Thursday: Life Lately :)

 Well, hey everyone! So I kind of disappeared again for a bit... But I'm back from my hiatus again. :)

I've been working, hanging out with my kitty and Jake the dog, reading up on the best flea markets (thanks to Grammy!), browsing through my fave magazine, walking a bunch (over 6 miles last Saturday!), and just enjoying life in Florida with my hubby, parents, and friends. :)

I hope everyone is doing well! Any great finds these past couple weeks??