Thursday, July 21, 2011

Outfitted In: Summer Scarf and Stripes

Shirt, Jeans, Flats, Market Bag: All Thrifted; Scarf, Estate Sale; Sunglasses, Target; Ant Hair Pin, San Fran Chinatown
As you have probably noticed, I've been (unintentionally) doing my version of Kendi's 30 for 30 lately. Except, it's more like 10 for the whole summer! I can't help that I've been living in the same 6 or 7 shirts, and the same couple pairs of pants for the past couple months. :)

When it's hot out, and layering simply isn't an option, I make do with a simple outfit and fun accessories. This estate sale scarf was a major find. It adds a little something extra without any extra heat: a hot-weather must.

I've also been accessorizing with lipstick lately. (I'm sure my mom will be proud of this!) I've gotten a couple different shades, and I'm really loving them. :) The one I wore Sunday, when this outfit photo was taken, is a Hard Candy lipstick in dark burgundy. It's supposed to be for nighttime, but I liked it enough to wear it during the day too. :)

I hope your week is going well! Mine is going by pretty fast, which is great. :) In two days, I'll be in Pensacola with family, and I'm super excited!!!



  1. Very cute! I love the lipstick on you- I'll have to check that out!!

  2. I totally dig the summer scarf! I need to remember this. :)

  3. Thanks everyone :) I love my scarf too!! The trick is to get a silk one that is long and thin that you can loop around your neck or hair! It's so much cooler and easier than a square scarf. :)