Monday, June 2, 2014

An Update! Finally!

Hey everyone! I have been a total slacker with this blog lately. Really, it's a mix of a couple different things. #1: Instagram is so much quicker and easier to use! Follow me and my thrifting adventures @AisAlreadyLoved :) #2: My poor computer is on its last leg, and it usually doesn't work. Poor 5 year old computer! #3: I am so much happier and busier here in Florida than I was when we lived in Richmond! My blog was one of the things keeping me sane up in Virginia, but there are lots of great things about being back home in Florida!

I haven't totally given up on the blog yet- I'm sure once I get a reliable computer and get on a better blog schedule, I'll start back up- but for now, it'll be a little quiet around these parts. Rest assured that me and the hubby are flea-marketing, thrifting, and antiquing our little hearts out still, even if our finds aren't captured here right now.

See y'all soon!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#Thriftspotting Sun City & Ellenton!

Hey guys! I hope everyone has had a great week so far! I've been sick (again- yuck!) with a cold and sore throat, but otherwise I've been great. :)

Above are some of the non-Jadeite things I've spotted recently in both Sun City and Ellenton. I seem to have a lot of luck finding milk glass and other white Fire King stuff, and it's so much cheaper than the Jadeite versions! I know if I started collecting milk glass too, I would be overrun by glass!!

I also liked the ceramic kitty above, but she was seriously overpriced- like $75 overpriced. I had seen one almost exactly like this one in the Goodwill Outlet bins in Virginia, but Josh talked me out of getting it back then. Someday, I'll have a big, slightly creepy ceramic kitty to my name!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thrift Finds: A Pretty, Vintage Market Bag!

Vintage Market Bag: Nearly New Thrift Store ($2)

When summer starts getting closer, I always want to carry an easy, cute market bag! I've loved these bags for the past several years, and I sold my old ones at our garage sale back in Richmond. So, when I spotted this one, in the perfect jadeite green and pink colors, I had to spend two bucks to make it mine!

Do any of you carry these bags in the warmer months? I think the first one I ever saw was on the calivintage blog and I've loved them ever since!

You can find them on etsy, but they are significantly cheaper if you can search one out at the thrifts or fleas. :)

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jadeite...Tuesday! And an Update!

Hey everyone! Man, you must be thinking, 'Amanda is SUCH a slacker! Where are her posts??' And, you'd be right!

Of course, I have the typical excuses for not blogging! Leaving a job, having a crappy 5-year-old computer that shuts down on me randomly, etc. But I'm still here! And I am definitely not ready to give up on this blog. :)

So, today, here are more updates on the Jadeite front! Some of the above pieces were spotted at various antique shops for CRAZY prices: the shaker in the third picture was $130! The batter bowl near the top, I just skipped buying because I already have one. :) And the C-handle mug in the fourth photo was $45, so it didn't come home with me, either. (Although according to my Jadeite books, that isn't too unreasonable of a price for that type of mug...I just can't personally ever justify paying that much for ONE MUG. You know?)

Anyway, I did come home with the Jadeite planter and a billion saucer plates for super cheap. The creamer and tea cup with the saucers were a whole $5! Score!

The bottom photo has a pretty full update on my collection so far. I did score a couple more bowls two weekends ago in St. Pete for $10 that aren't shown above. (My computer refused to load the rest of my photos from my iPhone. Good times!)

But yeah, so that's what's been going on with me. :) What have y'all been up to? Any great finds lately? I am thinking about selling a couple little things on my Instagram, if anyone is interested. :)


Friday, April 4, 2014

Jadeite Friday :)

 Happy Friday, everyone!! Today, I'm introducing a new feature based on my most recent obsession: Jadeite! On Fridays, I'll be doing updates on my current collection and what I've found. :)

Above are my most recent finds, as well as my whole current collection and my '50s Jadeite green sunnies!

The best finds shown above are the two swirl plates in the top photo. They both have a small chip on the edge, and when I pointed out the chips, the seller gave them to me for free! Yay free flea market Jadeite!! That never happens!

What have you guys found lately?


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Insta-Thursday: A Wedding Weekend + An Alien!


 Happy Thursday, folks! We're almost to another weekend! Speaking of, last weekend we had a great time celebrating our friends' wedding and hanging out with my awesome brother! :)

Most of today's Instagram photos are from the weekend, with one Moxie pic from this week thrown in for good measure. You can never have two many kitty photos, am I right? :)

I hope everyone's week is going well so far!


Monday, March 31, 2014

#Thriftspotting: Bradenton, Florida

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Josh and I were at a friend's wedding in Clearwater Beach, which was fun. :)

Speaking of the beach, today I have some #thriftspotting from the weekend before, which we spent in Bradenton for Josh's birthday. They have some great thrift shops there, so we stopped by a few on the way home.

I was disappointed when we went to the local Goodwill and saw a huge set of Fire King dishes that weren't Jadeite! Darn! I would have been super excited if they were!

I also spotted a milk glass bubble bowl, which also comes in Jadeite. But, thinking back, I probably should have gotten this was only $2.99!

There were lots of other glass spotted, but none in my preferred color. It's all good, though, 'cause we stopped at an antique shop after these thrift shops, and I scored two Fire King Jadeite saucers for $3!