Friday, April 13, 2012

Thrifted DIY: Neonize It!

 It's official: I got bitten by the neon bug. It is sort of like my heart obsession- when I see something ordinary, I want to make it better by making it neon! 

These shoes were thrifted at Goodwill Outlet this past Saturday, and they served as a neonize-ing guinea pig. I simply painted on layers of bright orange acrylic paint with a sponge brush, and it worked out well...until I stubbed my toe and a chunk of paint came off! 

Lesson learned: make sure to seal the paint after it dries. Also: if you wear traffic-cone-orange-tipped shoes to work, people will notice.

Happy Friday!!


  1. How fun! Love the neon!

  2. Thanks, you both :) I'm going crazy over neon stuff right now! I want to neonize everything!!!