Thrift Tips

 Already Loved Thrift Tips!

1. Don't be afraid to get dirty. At the thrift shops I frequent, things are rarely organized or super clean. I find a lot of neat things just by digging a little deeper in the Goodwill Outlet bins than my fellow thrifters!

2. Keep an open mind. You never know what you might find while thrifting, so going in with just one certain thing in mind is likely to be a disappointment. I always have a mental list of types of things I'm looking for, but when I find something that I truly fall in love with, I get it. If you leave it behind, you may never find another one! This is especially true with vintage items, which are likely to be difficult to find again. (If you later decide you can live without it, you can always re-donate!)

3. Go during the week, if you can. I work banking hours, so I can't visit my favorite thrifts until the weekend. But those times I've gone during the week, they are much less busy and everything is less picked over. The exception to this rule is when your thrift shop has special days, like half-off Wednesdays at Salvation Army!

4. The more often you go, the more likely you'll find something great. My local Goodwill is pretty hit-or-miss, but I used to go a couple times a week to see what they had. While I usually didn't find anything, sometimes I hit pay dirt!

B. Makowsky Leather Bag, Goodwill ($4)
5. Look through the clothes! I find most of my clothing at thrift shops. It's economical, but I also find some great pieces! I love putting together outfits that are completely from thrift shops. I can put together an entire outfit for less than twenty bucks, and you can too! 
100% Thrifted!
6. Read up before you shop. It helps if you know what you're looking at while thrifting. I'm still working on this, since I'm still a novice on subjects such as vintage glassware. It's so exciting when you find a vintage designer item that others passed over because they didn't know what it was. :) If I find something I love that is particularly well-made (like a leather bag or shoes), I'll get it. Often, I'll get home and Google it, and it's an expensive thing!

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