Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jadeite...Tuesday! And an Update!

Hey everyone! Man, you must be thinking, 'Amanda is SUCH a slacker! Where are her posts??' And, you'd be right!

Of course, I have the typical excuses for not blogging! Leaving a job, having a crappy 5-year-old computer that shuts down on me randomly, etc. But I'm still here! And I am definitely not ready to give up on this blog. :)

So, today, here are more updates on the Jadeite front! Some of the above pieces were spotted at various antique shops for CRAZY prices: the shaker in the third picture was $130! The batter bowl near the top, I just skipped buying because I already have one. :) And the C-handle mug in the fourth photo was $45, so it didn't come home with me, either. (Although according to my Jadeite books, that isn't too unreasonable of a price for that type of mug...I just can't personally ever justify paying that much for ONE MUG. You know?)

Anyway, I did come home with the Jadeite planter and a billion saucer plates for super cheap. The creamer and tea cup with the saucers were a whole $5! Score!

The bottom photo has a pretty full update on my collection so far. I did score a couple more bowls two weekends ago in St. Pete for $10 that aren't shown above. (My computer refused to load the rest of my photos from my iPhone. Good times!)

But yeah, so that's what's been going on with me. :) What have y'all been up to? Any great finds lately? I am thinking about selling a couple little things on my Instagram, if anyone is interested. :)


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