Friday, April 4, 2014

Jadeite Friday :)

 Happy Friday, everyone!! Today, I'm introducing a new feature based on my most recent obsession: Jadeite! On Fridays, I'll be doing updates on my current collection and what I've found. :)

Above are my most recent finds, as well as my whole current collection and my '50s Jadeite green sunnies!

The best finds shown above are the two swirl plates in the top photo. They both have a small chip on the edge, and when I pointed out the chips, the seller gave them to me for free! Yay free flea market Jadeite!! That never happens!

What have you guys found lately?



  1. Whoa! I think you find a LOT of Jadeite! Lucky for you!

    Here the finds are few and far spaced

  2. Hi Amanda, Glad to see you are settled at home,Hope all is ok with you and your family. Love from the UK Lynnie x

  3. Hey guys! Sorry I didn't respond until now- it's been a crazy couple weeks! Vonlipi- thanks! I have to search pretty hard to find so much, but it's a lot of fun! and Lynnie- thank you so much. :) We're so glad to be back in Florida!