Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Thrift List

I'm so ready for a good thrift day! :) I'm off to my favorite places this morning, in search of a couple fun things. :)

Is anyone else headed to the thrifts this morning?



  1. Early last week, when I went to CHKD they had tons of unicorns...mostly ceramic though. So many in fact, that I reached back into one of the top shelves and was (lightly) impaled by a unicorn horn!! I didn't have too much luck there or at the LOJT down the road. That LOJT seems to have had a major clearing out or something because it used to be stuffed to the gills IMO and now there's so much floor space.


    1. I feel like CHKD always has more unicorn stuff than other places! It's odd. I haven't been to LOJ in a little while, 'cause I haven't had much luck there lately. It's too bad- they used to be great!