Friday, July 22, 2011

Currently Loving: Vintage Keys

Vintage Padlock & Key, Vintage Key Ring & Keys: Estate Sale ($1)
The hubby and I went to one of the coolest estate sales ever this past Sunday. We're talking loads of neat things- for him and for me! Some of my favorite finds were these old keys, which were in the workshop basement of the house. While the padlock with its original key are definitely cool, I'm really loving the leather key chain!

It's the perfect size- not too big to take up tons of room, but not so small that I'm forever digging for my keys. :) Awesome. Other finds from the estate sale? Vintage pipe holders that look like mid-century modern chairs for a dollar, a ruffled umbrella for a buck fifty, and a couple cool presents! Happy Friday, everyone!!!


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  1. Really neat finds! Loveee old keys!