Friday, October 21, 2011

Estate Sale Treasure: Pretty Fabric and a Vintage Basket

Vintage Fabric ($1); Vintage Basket Purse ($2)
Here are the other finds from last Sunday's estate sale. :) We really did come home with a lot of vintage treasure!

The fabric reminds me of Marimekko, which I'm pretty sure I first saw in Domino Magazine a few years ago. (I miss you, Domino!!) This section of fabric is the perfect size to pretty up my desk a bit.

The wacky basket purse is decoupaged with all sorts of crazy things: a penny, tiny playing cards, a key, a license plate... But what drew me to it was the black cat on the front. :) That, and the 'Holy Mackerel!'.

I'm often reminded that you never know what you'll find on thrifty adventures. I don't think I'd have it any other way!



  1. Sure is bbetter than all those modern retail shops that have so much the same old.Treasure hunting is way better and much more fun Love your finds.

  2. Beautiful fabric and the basket is an interesting piece.

  3. Thanks you both :) Nelly- I def agree!

  4. i still have all my old 'dominos'. still inspiring after all this time!


  5. I miss Domino too:( I love that fabric!

    Lindsey Turner