Sunday, September 11, 2011

Outfitted In: Lions and Tigers and Bears...

Vintage Animal Shirt, Bag, Necklace, Minnetonka Mocs: All Thrifted; Jeans, Burlington
I just had to grab this animal print shirt the last time I was at my local Goodwill. It's super soft, it's vintage, and it has tons of animals on it. A little over-the-top...but totally awesome. :)

Thrifting yesterday was pretty great, too! I scored some great loafers for work and some neat vintage things! Good times. :)



  1. That shirt is definitely wild! I like it!

    I want some loafers I have only ever found mens :(


  2. Thanks Em! I'm lucky that my feet can fit into small-size men's loafers, which is what I usually find. :)

  3. 80s pattern I think.My aunty got same pattern for cutains for her son back then (I made them) fabric was thicker tho and I picked up same fabric as that a few months back.Not sure what for yet tho.