Sunday, June 5, 2011

Outfitted In: Zebra and Books

Zebra Shirt, Jeans, Scarf, Watch: All Thrifted; Bag: etsy (Gift from Mom and Dad- Thank You!); Sandals, Journeys
This was my first time using my 'book' bag that my parents surprised me with on my birthday! I love it! For thrifting, I though it would be best to tie a scarf to it so I could wear it cross-body, and it worked well. :) I kept everything else fairly simple, just throwing on some favorite thrifted things and heading out the door.

I think wearing my faves gave me good thrifting luck- I found a great Lucky brand leather bag and a Dooney & Bourke bag! And a couple other great things, too! I think I might have a giveaway for the D & B bag, so keep an eye out in the next couple days for that. :)


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  1. Cool bag! You look so pretty in this pic!