Monday, June 6, 2011

Follower Giveaway- Dooney & Bourke Mini Bag!

Dooney & Bourke Mini Bag, Love of Jesus
I want to seriously thank every one of the Already Loved followers for your support and comments. I thought the best way to say "thank you" would be to give away one of my great thrift finds and share the love! All you have to do to enter this super-simple giveaway is:

1) Be a follower on Google Reader (click on the 'follow' tab on the right side of the blog), and
2) Comment on this post with your first name and last initial and a way to contact you. :)

Thank you so much for your support, and here's to more fun thrifty times! I'll have the hubby draw the winner on Friday, and I'll announce it Saturday morning!



  1. Make sure that you tell your hubby that he has to pick ME! Just kidding! I will check back this Friday to see who the winner is; so exciting! Smiles, Paula P.

  2. I'm a follower on Facebook, but I don't have a Google account, is that ok?

  3. Lol, Paula! :) And Sarah that's fine!

  4. You know I REALLY want that kitty purse you found! Patty H. You send me a message via google.

  5. I love that color and your blog !

    Jaime A.

  6. That is one cute bag! I'm in Canada so I don't know if I qualify....

    DOesn't matter! I still love your blog and your thrifty finds! Valerie B. and my email is in my profile.