Friday, July 15, 2011

Currently Loving: Red, White, Blue

This is the start of a new Friday blog series: Currently Loving. It will feature recently thrifted/antiqued/etsy'd/ebayed items that I can't get enough of! This week, my favorites happen to be red, white, and blue. (Perhaps it's just the lack of 4th of July fireworks that has got me hanging on to the holiday!) In any case, here's what I'm currently loving:
Lapis Lazuli Pendants, eBay (around $2 each)
Vintage Sparklers, Heritage Antiques ($4)
 You've seen the lapis lazuli pendants in outfit photos, but here's my new little ebayed collection up close! I've bought a length of black leather cord and made some of them into necklaces. :) There's something so pretty about them- they remind me of starry nights, I think.

And the vintage sparklers? Well, they are actually still in the box, and they work!! I cautiously took one on our balcony with a bucket of water and the hubby's supervision, and it worked just like a charm! There are still a couple in the box, and I'm going to try to have the hubby take my picture with one. :) I really, really love sparklers!!

Have a great Friday, everyone. :) Is everyone else as ready for the weekend as I am? :)


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