Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thrift Find: Kaleidoscope Cool

Vintage Kaleidoscope, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)
 Is anyone else a fan of kaleidoscopes? I just think they are so neat! My favorite thing to do with them is to take photos of the images they create. :)

My very favorite kaleidoscope was one that I thrifted way back when I had an etsy shop. I listed it for ten bucks, and it sold almost instantly! I haven't found one quite as neat since, but this vintage kid's one is pretty cool. I like the animals on it, and it makes for pretty pictures. For comparison, here are some of the photos I took looking through the one I sold:

Neat, right? I think they resemble colorful X-rays! Do you have any cool kaleidoscope photos or thrifted finds?


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  1. Hello Amanda,
    I remember playing with my kaleidoscope as a young girl. I have always loved them; then are so COOL. Do you have plans to open a new Etsy shop? I sell my handmade soap on Etsy and I love shopping on the site for vintage and handmade items.
    Smiles, Paula