Sunday, August 28, 2011

Outfitted In: Black and Blue. Red and Rain.

Striped Shirt and Jeans: Target Clearance; Bag, Button-Up, Necklace: Thrifted; Sandals, Journeys
With the hurricane heading our way, I was thinking about just skipping thrifting yesterday. I ended up getting up pretty early and taking a quick trip to just Goodwill Outlet.

It wasn't busy there at all, and I ended up scoring an awesome vintage bag and a couple other little things! I was back home safe and sound by 10 am. :)

As I write this (Saturday afternoon), the trees outside are moving like crazy in the wind, and the rain is falling in every direction! Hurricanes and Tropical Storms remind me of growing up in Florida. Right now, we still have power, so I thought I'd go ahead and set up this post for tomorrow now just in case!

Have a great Sunday, everyone! And stay safe if you're in the path of the hurricane. :)



  1. Glad you could get some thrifting in before the storm! Hope you are safe and the storm passes quickly.

    E :)

  2. Thanks Em! It look like we made it past the storm and never lost power :) So lucky, because most people around us did lose power!