Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thrifted, Gifted: Duck Tales and Manlier Games

Nintendo Games, Video Game Store in Foley, Alabama (~$6 each)
Okay, you guys. This is it- the final items from my trip! When we were in Foley for the day, we stopped at this little video game store that had a bunch of old-school games. The hubby still has (and plays) his original Nintendo, so I called him up and asked which ones I should get for him. (Aren't I a great wife? :))

Anyway, these were the ones he really wanted. And the one he was practically squealing over? Not the original Final Fantasy game, or even Knight Rider, but Duck Tales! Oh, hubby, you're so funny. :)

My funny story about these games has to do with going through security at the Pensacola Airport. You see, my bags were packed full. Like, they were solid to the touch full. Of course, when they scanned my suitcase, they had trouble deciphering what everything was, so they decided to hand-search it! You should've seen the guy's face as he pulls out all my random thrifted items, including these games. His response to them? "That's a weird thing to have in your suitcase, miss."

Um, yeah. I was on vacation- of course I'm going to bring back presents for my hubby! Maybe it was the combination of multiple piles of thrifted jewelry, three purses, three pairs of shoes, clothes, a Polaroid camera, a vintage Star Wars book, and a glass cat figurine stuffed into a tiny carry-on that confused him...

...or maybe I am just weird! ;)



  1. Hello Amanda,
    No you are not weird. My oldest son still collects the original old school Nintendo games; just like your hubby. Have a awesome day!
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Lol, thanks Paula :) I'm pretty sure the security guy thought I was nuts though!

  3. ha ha your a great wife! I'm sure you could of had much weirder things then nintendo games!

    E :)