Monday, April 1, 2013

Thrift Finds: A Heart Alarm Clock!!

Timex Heart Alarm Clock: Love of Jesus ($5)

I definitely smiled reallllly big when I saw this adorable alarm clock at Love of Jesus Thrift. I wasn't even deterred by the price tag ($5), which was a little steep for a thrift store alarm clock. Nope, I saw this awesome heart clock, and I grabbed it!

When the girl at the register was ringing me up, she liked it so much that she jokingly (I think...) said that she couldn't sell it because it was too cute, er...broken... Luckily, I paid my five bucks and change and made it out with my heart-shaped alarm clock!

I also scored some of the things on my thrift list this weekend, so I'll definitely be sharing those and a thrifted DIY soon. :)


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