Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Outfitted In: Red, Black and Blue :)

Shirt, Jeans, Bag: All Thrifted; Minnetonkas: DSW; Necklace: Gift

This was my Memorial Day outfit, for a day spent movie-watching and sneezing. I hate allergy days!

Anyway, my mother-in-law gave me this cool light-up necklace for the holiday (I totally should've turned it on for this photo!). And you can see that the bag featured in yesterday's post is definitely roomy. :) I like that it has the style of smaller vintage bags, but it actually has space for stuff!

I am glad this is a short week. It's nice that it's already Wednesday, and the weekend is just around the corner! Hooray!



  1. Hi Amanda,
    I read your post every day and enjoy your blog. You
    really do find some great things.
    I just thought i would say hello.
    -Lynn from UK

    1. Thanks for commenting, Lynn! :) I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! I enjoy having it, and it's always good to hear that it's not just me and my family reading it!