Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Retail/Thrifted: A Hole-y Unicorn :)

Unicorn Earring Holder: CHKD Thrift ($2)

I may or may not have said, 'Yes!' quite loudly when I saw this on the counter at CHKD Thrift. :) I had seen these unicorn earring holders on etsy for more than $10, but this little guy only set me back $2!

Retail: $13 on etsy

Thrifted: $2 at CHKD Thrift

Amount Saved: $11!

Pretty sweet! Have you found anything at the thrifts that you'd been eyeing online? I'd love to hear about your finds!



  1. Have you seen the "Prancercise" video? I feel like kids of the 80s actually created this while playing with My Little Ponies! At least I did!

    Spotted an awesome bar cart at Salvation Army...checked the tag...$124.99. What? What????? Seriously, this thing probably didn't cost near that brand spanking new!


    1. I haven't! I'll have to check it out! Can you believe the crazy bar cart prices!?! Insane. I found one on Saturday, but it was too short. :( The hunt it still on!!