Sunday, August 11, 2013

Outfitted In: An Arrowhead + Gold

Shirt, Jeans, Shoes, Bag, Necklace: All Thrifted

This was yesterday's outfit, for a fun day with my hubby. :) We went thrifting, had lunch, and saw We're the Millers. While the thrifting wasn't great (I did score one thing, total), the movie was hilarious! I'm such a Jason Sudeikis fan. :)

Today, we're off to see the in-laws for my sis-in-law's birthday. We're having sushi! :)



  1. Team Aniston! LOL. Love a good comedy and the cast looks great! (Plus I'm huge fan of Edward James Olmos.)

    Are there GW Outlets in FL? My cousin lives in Southern FL and looooves the thrifts! With all the retirees (sp?), she finds tons of mod-vintage stuff!


    1. Yeah, I agree- Team Aniston! It was a funny movie. :)

      There actually are GW Outlets in Florida, but the ones I've been to there have been pretty gross. There are great thrifts in Bradenton near the beach! And Sun City has some decent ones. :)