Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Outfitted In: Stripes + A Cat :)

Shirt, Jeans: Thrifted; Pin: Estate Sale; Bag: Target; Shoes: DSW

This was past Sunday's outfit, for a day of estate sale shopping and working out with my hubby. :) We've been hitting our apartment gym for cardio, weight lifting, and racquetball!

(Obviously, I changed clothes before working out!)

The cat pin I found at one of the estate sales we went to last week, and it's definitely a new favorite!



  1. Is that a Phillip Lim (for Target) satchel? If so, my friend living in Southwest VA went to 3 different Targets to find one! I haven't looked around here for them, but I was surprised she had so much difficulty finding one down there. No offense to SWVA, I went to school down there, but stylish and up-to-date on trends, it was not! LOL!

    On a side note, up until 2-3 years ago, I never liked the color mustard but I think there must be a difference in mustard *now* vs. 70s mustard. Like it's brighter or more yellow instead of brownish.


    1. It is a Philip Lim for Target! I didn't have any trouble finding it, but now it looks like they're sold out in our stores!

      I know what you mean about mustard- I just started liking it a couple years ago, too, and now I love it!