Monday, April 18, 2011

Estate Sale Treasure: Glass Like Mercury

Mercury-Colored Glasses, Estate Sale ($0.50 for all)
The hubby and I checked out a really awesome estate sale yesterday. It was packed with the coolest random things from fish jewelry to vintage bubble umbrellas. (And yes, I did get both of those things!) Probably our most favorite finds of the day were these neat glasses, though. Not only were they less than a dollar for all of them, but they look so cool! While I don't drink alcohol (just don't like it), I can see myself pouring some sparkling grape juice into these for a celebratory glass when the hubby finishes his school semester and I turn 25. (Both of which happen this soon!)

While I did find a couple things on Saturday, they were mostly gifts. But no worries- I have yesterday's outfit, plenty more estate sale finds, and Blythe's weekly outfit post coming up this week. Thank you again for sticking with me as I change over to another blog name/space. I really appreciate everyone who reads my posts, and I hope you enjoy Already Loved as much as I already am!



  1. they are wonderful. i am a little bit jealous.


  2. I just couldn't believe that these were left on the last day of an estate sale when they were so cheap! And it's always cool when the hubby and I like the same thing!