Friday, May 27, 2011

Thrifting in Reno, Nevada!

Reno was such a fun place for a day trip from Lake Tahoe! My favorite things about Reno (other than the cool retro signs, shown above) were definitely the thrift stores. We visited two on 4th Street: Thrift Depot and Saint Vincent's. 

  • Thrift Depot, our first stop, was an eclectic-awesome sort of place. The gentleman at the register was very nice, asking about our travels and encouraging my dad to buy an awesome carved walking stick. (He ultimately didn't, as he couldn't think of how he'd get it back to Florida. It was really neat though!) We walked around the multi-levels of the store, spotting a unique tree-section coffee table and a very nice antique piano. My parents both bought swim suits to use at our timeshare's jacuzzi that night, and I found a neat Mario case for my Nintendo 3DS. 
  • The Lowdown: This store should be a must-stop for a Reno-visiting thrift lover! They had very cool things for great prices- especially if you have a car to take home some of the larger treasures and time to go through all the different sections. :) A+

  • Saint Vincent's, our final thrift stop in Reno, was just about the opposite of Thrift Depot in terms of layout. It was the cleanest thrift store I've ever been to, with not a single musty smell in the place! It was divided into two major sections: thrift goods and antique items. I found some great embroidery thread for 25 cents a color, including some Japanese thread! The hubby found a bomb squad trucker hat from a Tampa-based squadron, which was cool since that's our hometown. My parents had more luck in the antique section, where my mom found a vintage blow dryer that she's going to display in her hair salon! The lady at the register was also super-nice and made sure to talk with us about our finds. She even asked to see a friendship bracelet that I'd made with embroidery thread, and we showed her the hubby's.   
  • The Lowdown:  I loved Saint Vincent's! It was a very pleasant thrift store, and we found some really cool things. The pricing on the thrift goods was especially reasonable, and the antique goods were less than you'd pay at an antique shop. A++


  1. Those thrifts sound pretty awesome!

  2. They were! I thought they were much better than the San Francisco ones!

  3. I want to go to Reno now!! For gambling and thrifting!! What a cool trip!