Saturday, August 20, 2011

Detail Shot Saturday: She Sells Seashells...

Necklace, Diversity Thrift
I love this shell necklace. :) It has definitely gotten lots of wear over the past year and a half. (I wore it almost every day last summer!)

I've gone through a couple cords for this pendant, though. For some reason, anything I string it with breaks, including the one pictured!

Oh well- at least I've managed not to loose the shell. :)

Have a great weekend!!



  1. Hello Amanda,
    It is a very pretty necklace; it is awesome that you love it so much. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. What a great way to make any outfit Summery! It doesn't look heavy so I don't know why it would keep breaking cords. I lost the top of a ring I made the other day and I was not happy!

    E :)