Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Move :)


 Well folks, we made it to Florida! We're all unpacked and settled in, and I figured it was past time for a blog post!

We cleaned out and fully packed up our apartment last Friday morning, and then headed to my in-law's house. We set off from there around 5:30 Saturday morning, while it was still pitch dark outside!

Once the sun came out, it was very foggy. Josh drove my car with me as the passenger, and Josh's dad drove the moving van pulling Josh's car with his mom as the passenger. Once the fog cleared and we passed into North Carolina, Josh and I switched.

He took a couple of Instagram photos for me while I was driving, like the South of the Border photo as we crossed from North Carolina to South Carolina. :) We stopped for lunch in Santee, SC, at a Wendy's. Because we had Moxie with us, we got our food and then set out a blanket in the shade with her in her carrier next to us. Being an indoor cat, I don't think she knew what to make of the whole situation!

I continued driving as we passed into Georgia, but at our next gas station break, Josh took over. He drove the rest of the way through Georgia and through Florida. Of course, we had to stop at the Florida Welcome Center and take a photo with the huge sign!

From there, we had about four more hours until we made it to our destination. It got dark a little after 5:30, and then it started to rain! I was glad that Josh was driving the last bit!

We made it to Brandon around 8:30, after a long day in the car. It went by very fast, though, and my car did great! We didn't run into any traffic at all, which was nothing short of a miracle. :)

I should be back into the swing of things now, so I'll be back tomorrow!


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