Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Outfitted In: Black + Green + A Jadeite-colored Bike!!

Shirt, Sandals: Thrifted; Jeans: Target Clearance; Necklace: Gift from my Brother; Bike: Sam's

Hey guys! Yup, I'm back again with another post! I'd say I'm 'on a roll' if that wouldn't be so pun-y with my bike in the picture above, and all. :)

Anyway, here is an outfit photo from the day I bought my new bike! I scored the exact one I'd been eyeing online for $20 cheaper at Sam's Club! :) It's such a pretty shade of jadeite green, which of course y'all know I'm obsessed with right now.

I love the pretty little basket, the cupholder (!), and the rack on the back. :) It rides so smoothly, too! And, I got a yellow helmet that looks so cute with it!

As for the outfit, I thrifted the Birkenstock-like sandals at Salvation Army in Orlando a couple weekends ago, and I definitely don't wear them bicycling!

Here's the link for the bike on Amazon if you're interested in finding it online. :)
I hope everyone's week is going well so far! It's already Wednesday!!!


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  1. Eauuuuuuu Mahhhhhhh Gawwwwd! That bike is fabulous and I'm super uncoordinated, but even I would buy it!!!! Love it!