Monday, March 17, 2014

Adventures in Jadeite :)

 Sorry for the silence again, folks! But I am back, finally (finally!) recovered from being sick for way too long!

What have I been up to since my last post? Just working, hanging with my family and hubby, and scoring some Jadeite!!

We went to Mount Dora this past Saturday, and we found the mother load of all Jadeite! It was crazy finding so much, after coming up empty-handed most of the time here in Brandon.

The top photo is the Fire King 9" swirl bowl that I got at an antique mall a couple weekends ago in Orlando, the second photo is my Jadeite collection before Mount Dora, the third photo is everything I scored in Mount Dora (!!!), and the last is of my whole current collection!

It was crazy how much we saw in Mount Dora- and how much was actually well-priced! I did have to pass up some smaller swirl bowls that seemed to be everywhere, because they were all priced over $40 each! But my scores were much lower-priced than that, and I definitely went home happy. :)

I'm thinking another trip to Mount Dora is definitely going to be in our future!


PS: Happy St. Patrick's Day from my Jadeite-green self to you!


  1. You have an amazing Jadeite collection! WOW!

  2. wow nice jadeite collection! I just got my first jadeite bowl at a thrift store and am obsessed.