Thursday, March 6, 2014

#VintageSpotting in Lakeland :)

 Hey guys! So...I am home sick, again. This time with a sinus infection and a small ear infection. Yuck. I went to the doctor today and got some antibiotics, though, so I should be feeling better soon!

Anyway, since I'm resting in bed today, I thought I might as well do a quick blog post. :)

A couple weekends ago, my dad and Josh and I went to Lakeland to check out some vintage and antique shops there. I didn't have any luck finding Jadeite that trip, but we spotted lots of cool things!

I really loved a lot of the furniture we saw at the Vintage Warehouse, and we'll definitely be going back there when we buy a house!

The cute vintage table and chairs in the last photo was a folding set! Even the table folded up! I really loved that set- I probably should have gotten them to use in the future!

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Tomorrow's Friday, and then it's the weekend!!


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