Saturday, October 1, 2011

Detail Shot Saturday: A Bit of Missoni

Missoni for Target Flats
Man, did any of you try to go to Target the day the Missoni collection came out? I didn't go that morning, but I heard it was madness! At our local Target, there was apparently a huge line waiting for the store to open, and a mad rush once it did. By the time I made it there that evening, there was barely anything left!

The funny thing is, at least at our Target, they've restocked a little bit. And pretty much all the things that I really wanted, I was able to get these past few weeks. :)

These flats were near the top of my list. My thoughts? The bottoms are a bit slippery until you wear them in, but otherwise they are great. :)

I hope you have a great Saturday! I'm super glad for the weekend!!



  1. I got those flats the other day:) I'm excited to wear them too!!! As for the rest of the Missioni line I thought the quality was piss poor. But the fact the flats have leather soles and are comfy won me over.

  2. I agree with you Emily- a lot of the things weren't great quality, especially what was left over from the madness. What I've gotten is better- the men's sweater, the tote bag, the flats, and a towel. The towel is actually the best-quality thing of the bunch!