Sunday, October 30, 2011

Outfitted In: Classics and Color

Trench, F21; Jeans, Burlington; Green Flats, Plato's Closet; Gold Shirt and Bag: Thrifted
Yesterday was super rainy and cold- it was like we fast-forwarded to Winter! But I was (mostly) warm and cozy in my trench and flats. :)

Also, I cut some bangs into my hair yesterday morning. A very last-minute decision, but I like them! Plus, they work really well with my Halloween costume. :) (Which you'll see/ hear about tomorrow!)

I found some cute vintage things and a couple Christmas gifts while thrifting yesterday. I'm almost finished with my shopping!



  1. Your bangs do look fabulous! You did a really good job on them.

  2. Thanks, girl! We had so much fun last night :)