Saturday, December 17, 2011

Detail Shot Saturday: Christmas Pickle

Vintage Heinz Pickle Pin: Midlothian Antiques
I love pickles. Just ask anyone who has ever lived with/dined with/hung out with me. :)

So when I spotted a vintage pickle pin on etsy last year, I knew I had to get one. (Just not at the hefty price it was listed at!) Sure enough, a couple months later, I saw the same Heinz pickle pin at Midlothian Antiques for a mere three bucks. And it went home with me, pinned right to my shirt!

That was quite awhile ago, but I still love my pickle pin. And as I've been seeing those Christmas pickle ornaments everywhere, I figured that mine could be a Christmas pickle, too. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Hello Amanda,
    Your pickle pin does remind me of the vintage pickle Christmas ornaments. Super Cute!
    Happy Holidays. Smiles, Paula

  2. Thanks Paula! :) And Happy Holidays to you as well!!