Monday, December 19, 2011

Thrift Find: Awesome Vintage Coach :)

Vintage Coach Bag: Love of Jesus ($7)
It's been a while since I've found a real vintage Coach bag at the thrifts. (At least, for under ten bucks!) So when I spotted this one in the boutique section of Love of Jesus, I had to get it! It is so soft and pretty, and flat enough to easily fit in my luggage. :)

Speaking of luggage, pretty much the rest of the week, all I'm going to be thinking about is our upcoming trip to Pensacola. While I'm not a huge fan of plane travel (we seem to have the worst luck! knock on wood!), I love going back to Florida to see my family. :)

Plus, I'll get to use my super awesome new backpack! I guess I should probably take a photo of it to show you the diamond-shaped-screenprint-covered goodness. :)



  1. That's a great buy! Good to see someone else with a love of handbags. I can always justify buying one more!

  2. I say, as long as they're well-made and under ten bucks (usually under $5!), why not? I end up going through mine and re-donating the oldest ones I don't use anymore, to continue the cycle. :)

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