Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the Thrift Store Shelves: Smurfs and Typewriters

Here are some of the fun things I saw at Goodwill Outlet, Family Thrift, and Love of Jesus last Saturday!

I was intrigued by the Pay Day game, which was unfortunately missing the pieces. The Smurfs thermos was tempting too, but it was missing the lid!

At Family Thrift, there was a bounty of silly knick-knacks that I would've gotten if I still had an etsy store! I especially like the little 'smart owl' and the 'indulge and bulge' hippo. :) Vintage silly is somehow cuter than new silly!

The huge, heavy typewriters were on the shelf at Love of Jesus. I have to say, if they weren't so large and expensive, I would've taken them home for sure! The older one on the left was $75, though. A little more than my small thrifting budget allows, I'm afraid. ;)


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  1. Fun! I like getting a glimpse of the types of things you see in the thrifts :-)