Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Texas Trip: The Thrift Finds

Hot Pink Bag: Goodwill Select ($3)
Vintage Sunglasses and Heart Clips: Goodwill Select ($4 and <$1)
Vintage Woven Bag and Clearly Canadian Salt and Pepper Shakers: Family Thrift Store ($3 and $2)

We had a great time at the thrift shops in and around Houston! We visited Goodwill Selects, Value Villages, and a Family Thrift store. :) The best-priced items were at the Value Villages and Family Thrift store, where Josh found some great old video games!

Goodwill Select had some items on sale, though, and I scored an 80s-bright bag, wayfarer sunglasses, and heart-shaped hair clips for under ten bucks total. :)

I scored at the Family Thrift store too, where I found the awesome vintage woven bag and Clearly Canadian salt and pepper shakers! We used to drink Clearly Canadian at my Grammy's house when we were young, so I thought these were pretty cool. :)

The most 'Texas' finds I thrifted were from the first Value Village we visited. I couldn't resist the rhinestone sparkle of the star and BAD pins shown below in the VV case. (Can you spot them amongst the other bling?)

Star and BAD pins: Value Village ($3 and $4)
It was definitely a fruitful round of thrift shopping, with uniquely fun souvenirs to show for it. :) I'll have my thrifty travel outfits tomorrow! Have a great Friday. :)


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  1. I love the 'bad' pin! Hilarious, and so Texas!