Monday, April 16, 2012

My Birthday Wish List!

1. Lime Crime lipstick in Cosmopop. $16.00 on Amazon. I love this color of lipstick, and I've always wanted to try the Lime Crime brand! This is definitely one of the tamer colors. :)

2. Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts on Vinyl. $18.98 on Amazon. I am a huge fan of Norah Jones, and of records. I think Little Broken Hearts, her new album (it comes out on May 1st) will sound amazing on vinyl!

3. Polaroid 300 film. $10.95 on Amazon. I love my Polaroid 300 camera that my parents got me for Christmas a couple years ago! I've been keeping an album of them each year, filled with special moments and memories. :)

4. Nebula tote bag. $25.00 on etsy. Something about stars and star prints makes me drawn to them- almost as much as hearts! This amazing nebula print tote would be the perfect size for thrifting adventures, and the great colors would go with anything. :) I love it!

5. Sprout women's watch. $45.15 on Amazon. Oh my gosh, I cannot even explain how excited I was to find this watch in my online non-metal watch search! It is super nice, with teeny diamonds, fish scales, and mother-of-pearl! And it has no metal that would touch my skin!

6. Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Happy Birthday. $18.00 on Amazon. This nail polish is something that's been on my wish list for years. There's something about getting myself $18 nail polish named 'Happy Birthday' that I just can't bring myself to do. But...asking for it for one's birthday is okay, right? Right?

7. Instax Wide film. $17.35 on Amazon. This is the film for my awesome thrifted Instax 200! I am really loving the pictures it takes- I can't wait to see how pictures at the beach turn out. :) Also, this is for a 2-pack, so the film is a little cheaper than my Polaroid 300.

8. Bacon Sea Salt Caramels. $13.50 on etsy. I found these when browsing etsy for Christmas presents last year. And I still want some...they look super, super, super good!!!

9. Red Fox Brooch Pin. $5.00 on etsy.  This happy little fox makes me smile. :) I love brooches, and a fox one would be such a fun addition to my little collection!

I can't wait to celebrate my birthday next month (May 15th!) with my family in Florida. :)



  1. Mmmm those caramels look yummy! Plus, ditto to most of that list!

  2. I've been wanting that nailpolish too, but I'm with you- $18 seems a little much!