Friday, June 1, 2012

Thrift Finds: Costume Jewelry and Eyeballs

Bangle ($0.50), Eyeball Necklace ($1): Love of Jesus

On my never-ending search for non-metal jewelry, I run into some interesting things. Some finds are downright strange, and this eyeball necklace is one of them.

It is a marble with yellow beading around the back and a circle of red beading...and then, a bloodshot eye. Heck, I think it's cool!

On the tamer side, the yellow bangle is still pretty unique. It is fairly large and bright, with a fun latticework pattern. :)

I wonder what people would say if I just threw on all my strange costume jewelry at once? They'd probably think I was one weird woman! And, I guess, that wouldn't be too far from the truth. :)


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