Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thrift Finds: Teen Vogues

Teen Vogues: Family Thrift ($1 for all)

Looking through these 2003-2006 Teen Vogue issues has brought me back to my high school and college days. I remember reading some of these issues, and it's crazy how much I've changed since then! (Not to mention how much the cover stars have changed!)

I honestly like Teen Vogue, though. I did back then, and I still do! Not only are there interesting articles, but I can mostly afford the fashion they portray. I love magazines such as Lucky and Marie Claire, but $2000 for a shirt? Never gonna happen, folks.

Although I am, I think, an old soul, I guess I'm also partly a teenage girl on the inside. :) My love of sparkles, hearts, lip gloss, exclamation points and Baby-sitters Club books puts me right in the 13-year-old girl range. And that's just fine by me!



  1. You picked all the nice things about being a teenager to keep. :) I, too, love YA fiction, sparkles, and lip gloss... but thank goodness I never have to go back to high school!! :)