Monday, September 17, 2012

Thrift Finds: Unicorny :)

Unicorn Candle Holder: Goodwill Outlet (<$1); Unicorn Box: Good Samaritan ($1)

I have been drawn to unicorns lately. I think the origin of this new fascination was etsy, but I'm not completely sure. :) See, I'm not a horse fan (I'm pretty scared of them) so I feel bad thrifting horse things. But unicorns are different...right? I mean, they're not real, and they have a horn...

Before I start sounding completely strange, I'll just say that unicorn things are a new favorite. :) Add them to stars, hearts, anything glittery, and cats and you'll pretty much sum up what I'm loving right now! At least in reference to thrift finds. :)