Monday, October 29, 2012

Thrifty DIY: Googly Eye iPhone Case

Step One: Gather Supplies. Shown are: a Dollar Tree iPhone case and a $1 pack of self-adhesive googly eyes.

 Step Two: Start sticking those babies on! Remember to space them out and make the pattern interesting!

 Step Three: Keep sticking on the googly eyes. Spread them out, in case you run out of one kind and have to fill in with other googly eyes. (I, um, forgot this part.)

 Step Four: Fill in with smaller eyes, and then step back and admire your quirky handiwork!

I love my awesome, new Halloween-appropriate case! And the total cost was under $5! I'd say that was pretty thrifty, considering the inspiration for this DIY is $48 at Urban Outfitters. :)


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