Friday, September 6, 2013


These are some of the neat things I spotted this week at the thrifts! I would've taken home the Pyrex dishes if I wasn't moving soon!

What have you spotted at the thrifts this week? Anything funnier than the tattoo card? Have a great Friday!!



  1. Mushroom Pyrex!!!!!!!!! I love it! And with the lids?!!

    Impending rant...the other day I was thinking about all the cheap houseware/furniture crap I've bought, pre-thrifting days, and how it just doesn't last. And then you look at Pyrex, Fiesta, and other brands and how they last for generations! I wish I had been more interested in thrifting in college and waited to buy what I really wanted instead of feeling like I needed something now. :I'm looking at you MDF bookcase:


    1. Cam, I'm with you! Since we're moving soon, we're getting rid of all of the non-great things we have! We'll definitely be thrifting great-quality vintage stuff in Florida. :)