Friday, September 20, 2013


1. A Unicorn

2. A Doll Leg

3. Something Weird

4. This Weird Thing. (The closest I got to a Slinky!)

Here was last weekend's #thriftspotting! I found everything on the list except a Slinky, which you would think would be easy! I did spot the strange item above, that has stretchy parts and is a sort of maze...

Happy Friday!!



  1. What is with the Barbie doll heads???? Definitely fits the something weird category!! And that last thing?? I don't even understand what would be the point?!!! I guess it's clear why it was donated!!

    Fabulous job on the doll leg! I don't think I've run into a slinky ever.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I know I've seen Slinky's before, but I think it was alluding me just because I was looking for it! :)