Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thrift Finds: A Book and a Cat :)

Kitty Necklace ($3); Diary by Chuck Palahniuk ($1)

I thrifted mostly Christmas presents while we were in Pensacola, but these are two of my finds for me! I couldn't resist the kitty necklace, since I can restring it with a leather cord and wear it. :)

There's a funny story about the book, actually. My Grammy called me over to the books to look at a series to see if I'd like it. As I looked at the books she was talking about, I mentioned that I wasn't having any luck at the thrifts at finding Chuck Palahniuk books. And then I looked down, and bam! There was one I didn't have- for a buck! Talk about awesome. :)

I did lots of #thriftspotting in Pensacola (we went to 9 places!) so I'll have plenty more from our trip to share!


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