Saturday, January 18, 2014

Outfitted In: Black + Mustard :)

Sweatshirt: F21; Jeans: Beall's Outlet; Shoes: Rugged Wearhouse; Bag, Necklace: Gifts from Andrew

Hey there, everyone! I hope the rest of your week was great! Mine was tiring, but really good. :)

So, this is a version of the same combos I've been wearing since Christmas: Jeans, sweatshirt, loafers, my awesome Cambridge Satchel, and my etsy necklace! What can I say? My bag and necklace just go with pretty much everything in my closet!

Well, I'm off to get my car checked (the check engine light came on, so we've got to see what that's about!) and hang out with my hubby! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'll probably pop in here a couple times next week. :)


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