Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Thrifting Outfit: Some Bunny Loves You

Sunglasses, Tote, Jacket: F21; Jeans, Burlington; Flats, T Shirt; Necklaces: DIY andThrifted
You all probably know by now that I love, love, love sunglasses. I love inexpensive ones even more, so when I found these huge ones at Forever 21, I had to get them! At just $5.80, I'd say they're worth it. :)

 I love my newly thrifted shirt with a big 'T' on it! I'm sure it stands for some kind of sports team or something, but I'm pretending it stands for my last name. :)

Mule Necklace, DIY; White Necklace, Thrifted

The tote is my little 'Easter is coming' tote that is just so cute. (Yes, it does say 'Some bunny loves you.' No, I couldn't think of another post title...) Oh, and it was just $3.80!
OMG, and guess what I found yesterday while out thrifting?? Exactly what I was looking for!! More tomorrow...


PS: Yes, my hair finally kind of goes into a ponytail!

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  1. Love your tote! It looks great with your leopard print shoes!