Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blythe's Thrifted Outfit: Skates and Stripes

Ken Shirt; DIY Cut-off Shorts; Barbie Roller Skates: Goodwill Outlet; Book, Borders Closing Sale
In my haze of sickness, I totally forgot to post Blythe's thrifted outfit photo yesterday! Probably because I went ahead and took the photo last Sunday, when I decided to see if these light-up Barbie skates would fit Blythe's smaller feet. Luckily, they do! The hard part was finding a way to prop her up since the skates weren't very steady on their own.

A thrift store-cheap book to the rescue! This was one of the many, many books I got at the final Borders bookstore closing sale for $1.99. I used to work for Borders in Florida, so I was really sad to see our local store close, but I am excited to read all of my new books.

On another note, I am finally starting to feel better! It probably has to do with the huge amount of sleep I've been able to get over the past two days. It's amazing what antibiotics, sleep, medicine, and orange juice can do. :) Have a great weekend, everyone!!



  1. I remember those Barbie skates! Aren't they like little lighters? We used to get in so much trouble with those!!!

  2. Haha, yeah! I actually didn't know they did that, but my hubby was quick to show me- he remembered them from his sister's Barbie stuff!

  3. I have to ask: just what size is Blythe that you find outfits all over the place? I was thinking she might fit in Barbie's clothes but her head looks kinda big so I'm not sure.

    I love your blog and would truly appreciate a visit @ mine ! :)

  4. Vonlipi, most of the clothes I find are Barbie or Ken clothes that button at the back :) Her head is quite a bit bigger than Barbie's, so something meant to go over the hear wouldn't work. Of course I'll visit your blog :)