Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thrifted, Gifted: Chinese Fan

Chinese Fan, Goodwill Outlet
I introduce you to a new segment here on Already Loved: Thrifted, Gifted. I was thinking about the things that never get posted about because they are gifts, and sometimes they are the best finds! So here's the first gift, which will be given to my sis-in-law this morning for her college graduation (among other goodies!). She's really into Asian things, although specifically Japanese ones.

This Chinese fan was so pretty, I couldn't pass it up though, and I know she'll love it. :) Admittedly, Ashley is one of the easiest people to thrift for, because she likes a variety of things that I find while thrifting. Happy graduation, girl! (And to my cousin Meredith too!!) We're off to San Fran tonight!


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