Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thrift Find: A Fiery Skim Board

Skim Board: Good Samaritan ($3)
When I saw this neat-looking skim board at Good Samaritan, I knew I had to get it for Josh! The only problem was that it didn't have a price on it.

I asked the lady at the register how much it was, hoping it would be inexpensive. She didn't know what it was (Oh, that boogy board?) and had to ask her manager. But it was just three bucks! I was super excited to find something so cool for so little. :)

The hubby likes it a lot, too! Although he is a little scared to get back on a skim board because, in his words, he's 'getting old'. Even if he never rides it, it is a cool bit of apartment decoration for less than five bucks. I'd say that's a win!


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  1. Cool!!! Those boards are usually way more! Great deal!