Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrifted Vintage: Pin-tastic!

Flower Pin: Family Thrift ($4)
Letters Pin: Family Thrift ($0.99)
Cat Pin: Love of Jesus ($4)
While these vintage pins cost a little more than I'd usually spend, I just had to get them! The flower is pretty large, and will be a fun addition to many an outfit. :)

The middle pin was intriguing because I couldn't tell what it was supposed to spell out. (Is it 'cast'?) I'm choosing to look at it as a fancy 'A' and then a 'T', so that it's my initials. :)

The kitty, although Siamese, reminds me of Moxie because of her confident kitty pose! And those eyes- so fun!

Well, I'm off to enjoy Presidents Day by crunching through yesterday's snow and maybe getting some thrifting in. Have a good one!